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To execute a new project or a new venture, or to manufacture an equipment, the officials concerned keep a model with them, discuss in details the pros and cons across the table and arrive at a decision. The whole exercise is to bring down the cost to satisfy the customers.

The first question customers asks the manufacturer in person or over phone that what will be the cost of the model for his equipment without furnishing the basic information such as scale, dimensions, photographs etc. With this information, the manufacturer cannot take up the work. The manufacturer needs complete information and the customer has to furnish the minimum details required by the manufacturer viz:-

  • Name of the Model
  • Dimensional Drawings
  • Photographs
  • Scale/ Size
  • Materials to be used
  • Static or working
  • Color Scheme
  • Schedule/ Duration
  • Place of Dispatch
  • Type of Packing

The above are the basic details which help the manufacturer to quote his price for the model correctly without delay to help the customer to take his decision at the earliest.

The motto of the SMD is to satisfy the customers with the minimum price possible and duration of delivery of model without compromising the quality SMD feels if the customers come forward to recall their budget it would educate them and undertakes the job within the allocated budget without affecting the quality.

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